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Modular design - the key to flexibility and cost effectiveness!


The basic idea underlying modular design is to organize a complex system as a set of distinct components that can be developed independently and then plugged together.


Modularity reduces costs as it allows the implementing company to reduce the number of articles, reuse designs, manage its resources more effectively, make its outsourcing more efficient, and simplify the updating of its documentation. It becomes easier to configure the product for sales and marketing activities.


Using modular platforms can help to cut time-to-market by up to 50%. By locking key areas of development into modules, one can focus on developing the core features required to keep the product on the leading edge and upgrade products rapidly. Modularity also makes it possible to produce products in parallel - which means reduced lead times.


Modular platforms increases variability by up to ten times - without increasing costs. Customer satisfaction is enhanced when customers can choose from a wider variety and order custom-designed products.


For the medipac customer does this modular design result in less change parts, reduced resetting times, reduced cleaning times.


The tube hub is a separate machine module. In this way the machine is easy accessible for cleaning an maintenance and the tube hub can easily be exchanged against an automatic tube feeding without any cutting or disassembly necessary.


The different tablet feeding units are also available as options. In this way a medipac machine can be equipped with direct feeding, a vibratory buffer feeder or an air conveyor without any changes on the delivered units. It is also possible to exchange one tablet feeding unit against another without having to adapt the machine.


Last but not least the software is also modular. This, in combination with the fact that all medipac tube fillers can be reprogrammed over a tele-modem, reduces costs for changes in the machine set-up to a minimum.

x helabak1

Modular machine design including a tube hub, a tablet feeder, a tablet counting table and a filling unit.


x rörmatare

Detachable tube hub that can be replaced with
automatic tube feeding without any rebuilding.


x tablett

A vibratory buffer feeder or an air conveyor ? With
the medipac modular design is everything possible!



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