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medipac - The specialist in machines for

effervescent tablets

medipac AB was founded in 2002 by four colleges from Hässleholm in Sweden that all were working with tube filling machines for effervescent tablets.


Based on the well proven technology of filling tablets in tubes by using the centrifugal force we started to develop a new modern range of tube filling machines for effervescent tablets.


Today this range includes high range capacity machines as well as laboratory equipment for testing and sample filling.


Superior design in combination with well proven technologies and modern control systems is a hallmark for all medipac products. Since our start as an independent company we have gradually moved from reengineering of the old technology to developing completely new technical solutions. The result is a range of compact, modern and GMP-conform machines. As a result can the mf tube filling machines be reset and cleaned within a minimum of time.


As a system provider does medipac supply packaging lines for tablets in tubes, starting from the outlet of the tablet press and ending at the inlet of a carton box machine. Through our broad assortment of accessories we can implement different options in the lines, such as tablet feeding, dedusting, code reading, ink-jet printing, automatic tube feeding etc.


On 25/11/2015 medipac AB was officially purchased by the Romaco Group with headquarters in Karlsruhe/Germany. Romaco is a leading supplier of processing and packaging equipment, predominantly for the pharmaceutical industry. The medipac portfolio will in future be integrated in the Romaco Siebler brand.