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mf10a Filling of (effervescent) cylindrical tablets in tubes


The medpac mf10a is a very compact and flexible machine for small production volumes. This automatic tube-filling machine enables you to fill effervescent tablets in tubes, fast and easy at a low initial investment cost.


The mf10a provides a wide flexibility in terms of possible product formats. The basic machines includes one set of format parts for one tube diameter and one tablet size.


The medipac mf10a tube does not include automatic level control and capping which keeps the cost for format change costs at an absolute minimum.


The capacity of the mf10a is depending on how fast the operator can remove filled tubes but is mostly within 10-20 tubes per minute.

Empty tubes are loaded manually by the operator into the tube hub on the machine from where they are forwarded automatically to the filling position. Tablets are loaded into pre-feeder, which enables the operator to load about 2-3 kg of tables at the time.


On the tablet table of the machine are the tablets guided into  2 channels where they are counted. The preset distance between 2+1 pneumatic stop-pins guarantee an accurate counting. This distance can easily be adjusted to count odd as well as even number of tablets. The tubes are then filled under rotation. This filling method is especially developed for fast and gentle filling of fragile tablets into tubes.


 After filling are the tubes fed out to a position from where they can be taken to be capped manually. When the station for filled tubes is full does the mf10a turn into standby-mode and starts automatically as the tubes are removed.



As an option can the machine be installed together with a capping conveyor where the tubes are closed and where Inkjet printing can be realised. In this case must the operator only position the cap into the tube.


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